Hardware maintenance tips on the bag

Bag is essential to our lives, then the correct use of bags not only make you look and just bought a bag of the same, and let your bag more durable, and today under the old orange peel on to share some common sense about the bag anyway, the little girl who must look at.

Leather purses when not in use, the best place to save on behalf of cotton, not put in plastic bags because plastic bag ventilation, make the leather is too dry and damaged. Package stuffed with some of the best soft toilet paper to keep the shape of the bag. If no suitable bags, old pillowcases are also shared.

Purses and shoes, is another form of the active substance, using the same bag every day, it is likely to cause an elastic cortical fatigue, so like shoes, like several interactive use; bag if you do not accidentally get wet, you can first with a dry towel dry moisture, which then plug some newspapers, magazines and the like to dry, do not direct exposure to the sun, that would make your beloved bag fade, deformation.


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