Not all big bags are good

Surely everyone has this experience: after a busy day standing in the door, grab crazy fumble in the bag to find the door key. Sometimes we also think that I rely on, where’s so much mess? In fact, because the girls always kind of package does not fill the psychological uncomfortable, but a fashionable Mirco Bag (micro package) can be solved, mini size to force you to take only the most critical: Iphone, wallet, keys, lipstick, OK you can go out beautiful!

Now these brands vicious attitude ah, for fear of a large bag high price we are not willing to chop hands on the original model as is made small, reserved style, while the price is down a lot. One of the most famous should be the last Fendi show floor that looked like a child paragraph Peekabo bag, hang pendants Lafayette, Meng to sadness.

Small things like petite girls, always giving the impression that sound lovely, the same brand of Baguette series is the wacky to the limit, that is the most compact package, is the most dazzling jewelry! Look at these “Vulgar package” after the smaller, is not trendy up, the key is the price drop, the trend is very suitable for this wave is just beginning to start a luxury shopping girls prestigious!


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