Bag is no longer a style on shoulder

Rich design sense niche brand in a market of its own. OEM strength and R & D capabilities, is a prerequisite for many ODM business transformation and upgrading. However, in Jiaxing City Hardware Co., Ltd. Chi-Yu Chen Hang manager’s eyes, a new round of restructuring and upgrading the road, the lack of high-end talent to let enterprises are facing difficulties, terminal channel construction is also exhausting.

“Labor costs Needless to say, the problem is only temporary shortage of talent, but for small and medium enterprises, own brand stores, or make their own electricity supplier, but also very difficult. Because the traditional manufacturing enterprise resources, most of them serving in the core on the product development. “Xu and Lu as Chen Hang cooperation with major platform providers make electricity, and even friends and relatives also start a micro-business, similar to the ideas.

For the electricity supplier only way this transition, Jiaxing City Tourism Ltd. Deputy General Manager of Shin in modern also said not “fuel-efficient lights,” “Now electricity supplier channels operating costs are too high, pumping point platform, irregular promotion etc., all costs apportioned down a little lower than the entity. “for enterprise specializes in business-type, high-end luggage products, Shin in the view that the current traditional luggage manufacturing companies are looting the domestic market, if you still go with the flow, price war , then eventually it will be eliminated.


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