Bag also needs VIP economy

As a “great man” said, nothing is a package that can not be resolved in the world, and if so, to buy two. For example, the British supermodel Christina Estrada and billionaire Saudi sheikh divorce, payment in the list, the proposed supermodel she takes 58,000 pounds per year to buy two luxury handbag, 2.3 million pounds to buy six casual handbags, £ 35,000 to buy 10 hand bag.

Limited goods and gossip aside, the reality is that many of the big package is not as easy to sell. International institutions have sound survey this year, because in addition to UK and Europe retreat “by price” of Burberry, such as LV, Prada and other big bags product lines are double-digit drop sharply.

When the top of the pyramid of international brands are “too fat” for the anxiety, Chinese luggage manufacturers are caught doing the brand myth: do not do it or not, but in the end should be how to do?


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